Fiction Friday

Imagination changes everything. Why stifle it? Fiction allows the writer to explore possibilities that are perhaps not realistic in the writer’s own life. It is an expression of a range of emotions, a coping mechanism for life. The posts featured in the Fiction Friday series are generally (although not always) installments of a short story. Some stories may take more than one week; some could take as many four weeks. These stories are an effort to explore a new genre. They are by no means perfect. Feel free to weigh in on them, but keep in mind my novice status with the genre. These posts will appear on Fridays, as per the title. Stories in progress are listed below.

Finished stories:

Small Victories

Making the Call

Story installments:

Tough Defense: Part 1
Tough Defense: Part 2

-Tough Defense Part 3

-Tough Defense Part 4

-Tough Defense: The End


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