When the Newness Wears Off

First of all, allow me, Reader, to wish you a very belated but nonetheless heartfelt Happy New Year. I find it difficult to believe that this blog is one year old. Last year proved to be full of learning experiences both about myself and about my writing. May this year be as fruitful.

The beginning of every year offers the opportunity to make promises to ourselves with an optimism that suggests we might actually keep them. The gym is full of people with good intentions and great expectations, and because they are coming down from the high that is NewYear’s, they can honestly (earnestly) believe that things will be different this year.

For me, New Year’s always brings a similar optimism that I will grow as a writer. I tell myself that this will be the year I write something important. This will be a year of perpetual blogging with no embarrassing month(s)-long breaks. Well, that’s what I told myself last year. What I learned in the ensuing months was that in order to continue growing, I had to continue experiencing. And sometimes that meant taking a break from the writing to spend time on the living. I also learned that change can be a good thing, even when it is small or seemingly unimportant. Sometimes a girl needs a new look to keep things fresh; otherwise the writing becomes stale, and everything starts to read the same way.

With that in mind, I hope those of you who are familiar with Just Joywriting like the new look. Hopefully this will prevent any literary doldrums over the course of the next few months. I also have some new ideas for content, including weekly alternating guest contributors. They’ll get a full introduction soon, and I hope you find them as hilarious as I do. I also have something else in mind that, hopefully, will prove to be entertaining as well as current. But more importantly, the random happenings in life will continue to be the most important inspiration for this blog. These are the things that give me joy. After all, life is a joywrite. It’s about enjoying the ride.

What were some of your resolutions?


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