There’s More Than One Way to Peel a Banana

Necessity has always been the mother of invention (please pardon the cliche). And humans have always possessed the unique fortitude required to meet their current needs. Some of our solutions seem obvious today, practical even, the only way to remedy the problem at hand. It is indeed strange to think that there was once a time when no solution existed.

Then there are the solutions for which no problems are immediately apparent. Sure, we can assume that at some time far distant from us now a problem existed, a need crucial for survival. But we can only wonder what desperate circumstances would drive a person to this aforementioned solution.

We’ve all heard the unanswerable question, “Who was the first person to think of milking a cow?” Even if we could know such a thing, the poor schmuck whose idea it was would likely choose to remain anonymous. Who are we to judge?

In that vein (although slightly less akin to barnyard desperation), I can’t help wondering: who was the first person to think of eating a banana, and how long did it take said person to figure out that it tasted better if it was peeled? Did someone with an empty stomach and an eye for ingenuity spot an animal eating this fruit? Did the animal, in fact, teach this human that peeling the fruit would make it more delectable? What does this do to the relationship between humans and animals? And how did this person who stumbled upon this method of consumption explain his (or her) findings to his (or her) friends?

Perhaps I’m being obtuse here; it is highly possible, although perhaps not probable, that all of this is explained on wikipedia, in which case my lack of research will be painfully evident. To be honest, though, this was just a fleeting thought to which I managed to lay claim before it completely escaped. Maybe it’s been carefully documented. Or maybe it’s one of life’s unexplainable idiosyncrasies, whose sole purpose is to entertain our minds in the early mornings while we’re still jumpstarting ourselves with coffee. What do you think?


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