It’s the Little Things

Pretty much everything that can be said of life has already been said. It’s a roller coaster. It’s full of ups and downs. It’s a blessing. It’s a curse. It’s too short. Most of us, I’m sure, think these things at one time or another and probably without being aware that we have. This has me wondering: are we aware of the lives we lead?

Busy is the life we live, and we’re quite proud of it usually. We get ourselves involved; we get our kids involved. And oftentimes we see our calendar as a way to measure self worth. The busier we are the better people we must be, right? Because we are devoting our time to worthy causes like pottery class or soccer practice. These pursuits are certainly worthwhile, but it seems like sometimes we get lost in them. We do the same thing with our jobs. Having a schedule full of projects must mean that we are valuable employees because why else would we be tasked with so much? The concept of luxury becomes murky, obscured by inaccurate measures of what we’re actually capable of.

Luxury, when it is defined by these terms, becomes elusive. It becomes the next best thing, as opposed to the thing we already have. It’s times like these that life seeks to remind us of the little luxuries it affords us just for having lived it. Things like:

-The sound of children laughing as they play in the fountain at the outdoor shopping center, while their parents, armed with towels and a change of clothes, wait patiently smiling to themselves

-The cool breeze that blows through just before the summer storm that clears the air and brings much needed relief from the unrelenting heat,

-Buying ice cream from a real ice cream truck (complete with creepy tinkling music-box music), and

-Being sun-tired- the kind of tired you only get when you’ve been in the sun all day and come in to be swaddled by the air conditioning

serve to remind us that life is more than a calendar of events documenting how we’ve spent our time. These things we do are great as long as we see them for what they are, ways to shape ourselves for interaction with each other and the lives we lead. In the quest to occupy our time with worthwhile things, we can’t allow the little luxuries of life to slip past. If we do, then we have missed the point entirely.


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