Novel Thoughts and Fiction Friday

In an effort to keep things fresh and to prevent growing pains, I have two new weekly blogs planned for Just Joywriting.

The first is called Novel Thoughts. Each week one post will feature a review of sorts about a book I’ve recently read. Most often they will be works of fiction (hence the name Novel Thoughts), but there are some works of nonfiction on the list as well. I’m reluctant to call them reviews or critiques; this isn’t that kind of blog. Their purpose is mainly (and hopefully) to inspire others to read the books as well. These posts will, more often than not, appear on Thursdays.

The second is called Fiction Friday. These posts will feature a short story I’m currently working on. Generally they will be episodic; it may take three weeks (sometimes more, sometimes less) to get the whole story posted. These stories are an effort to make myself accustomed with writing fiction that other people will see. They are by no means perfect. Feel free to weigh in on them, but keep in mind my novice status with the genre. These posts will appear on Fridays, as per the title.

My goal with these posts is to explore new possibilities both in reading and in writing. I hope they inspire conversation, and I hope they bring the reader as much joy as they bring the writer.


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