Halfway Through and New To-Do

Middles are tricky. Generally we can figure out how to navigate beginnings and endings; we know what emotions correspond to each. But the middle presents an entirely different problem. Middles are where we get tired, lazy, antsy, uncomfortable. Middles are where we get anxious. The beginning is just far enough behind for us to mourn the loss, but the end is still too far away to be considered urgent. Think midlife crisis.

A blog is no different. We start in the beginning with a vague concept of what we want the blog to be. We perceive ourselves with uncertainty. When I started this blog in January, I had no idea in which direction it would go. That was the beginning. Now, seven months later, I’m finding myself searching for change and inspiration. That’s why I’ve joined the WordPress Post A Week 2011 campaign. Growth is a good thing, and change is inevitable. But sometimes finding that spark can prove difficult. So I look forward to getting tips, feedback, and encouragement from other people who are struggling with the middle.

Although I don’t anticipate the end any time soon, the first year seems to be about finding a voice that is truly one’s own. I have a lot of new things in mind for Just Joywriting. Wish me luck!


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