A Silly Note…

Feelings change. This we know for a fact. And we don’t always get to feel how we want to. Another fact. I would argue that every person has at least one favorite way to feel. Obviously the goal is to be happy, but I want my favorite feelings to go farther than that.

Personally I like to feel splendiferous and fantabulous. Not only are these positive feelings, but the words themselves inspire positivity in others (I dare you to say them out loud wherever you are right now.). Either they enjoy the words themselves, or they feel the same way I do. Or they are relieved because they think they’ve finally met someone who’s crazier than they are, which also leads to a positive reaction. I’ll take that.

I don’t think this is necessarily something everyone thinks about. For some people it’s enough to just be happy. But I feel like life is about more than that. And sometimes happy doesn’t even begin to cover it.


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