It’s Counterintuitive…

Snow on the desert is something to see. It doesn’t belong there. It doesn’t blend with anything. And it seems such a shame to get it dirty that way.

It does brighten things up a bit. Everything is so brown and dead and lifeless in winter, especially in places that are brown, dead, and seemingly lifeless all the time. At least that’s how it seems. But when snow falls on a desert, we are able to realize that it is fuller of life than we might like to think.

There are tracks all over the place, and none of them look the same. Some of them are coming toward the road, but most are moving away from it. I wonder if the animals who made them arrived at civilization and decided it was a mistake. I can’t say I blame them.

Aside from the occasional animal wanderer, there is nothing in the desert to disturb the sparkling white blanket that was dumped there by a weather system that seemed to have lost its sense of direction. It remains pristine until the sun finally realizes that it has a job to do and melts it away.

Snow is nice; they wouldn’t call it a winter wonderland if it wasn’t. But it just doesn’t belong in a desert.


One Comment on “It’s Counterintuitive…”

  1. Anthony says:

    You know me. I love snow. But I've never had the privelege (did I spell that right?) of seeing it mate with the desert. It sounds like a wondrous paradox to behold.

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