Lamentations on the State of Shopping Carts

Putting a blinker on a car was a brilliant idea. Truly a stroke of genius to include a flashing light indicating which direction a driver was going to turn. I fervently believe this same concept should apply to shopping carts.

Shopping carts should in fact be equipped with their own blinkers. This would eliminate that awkward moment when trying to determine which cart is going to go down which side of the grocery aisle. Instead of looking at the other cart driver with that sorry-about-this-whole-ridiculous-cart-situation look, we could flip a switch, and the other driver could react accordingly.

I have visions of a well-ordered grocery store with no emergency clean-ups in aisle four. I have visions of store patrons smiling as they happily collect their eggs and milk without incident. It could all be reality with the shopping cart blinker.

In a perfect world.

The reality is that people don’t use the blinkers on their cars. In fact, I am inclined to think that people think a blinker is an option. You have to request it special; otherwise they don’t put one in there. I am quite certain that people’s inability to use a cart blinker would far surpass their inability to use one in an automobile, but I can dare to dream, and I am ever hopeful.


One Comment on “Lamentations on the State of Shopping Carts”

  1. Anthony says:

    I'm serious, you could take all the things that annoy you (they bug the crap out of me, too), like this post and the last post, and write a book about a creepy Utopia where any slight disorder is met with the gravest of circumstances. Taking up an entire booth at a coffee shop? Hung by your ankles and whipped with bamboo reeds. Fail to signal when fetching the milk? Three hours in the chamber of acid. Or something like that.

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