Saturday Morning Treats

Saturday morning is the only morning that I allow myself to read The New York Times in its entirety. Well, maybe not in it’s entirety, but I allow myself to read the sections that I don’t touch during the week.

Waiting until the weekend to catch up on technology news, book news, and fashion and style news turns a mundane task like reading the paper into a treat. I curl up in bed with a cup of coffee and the paper, and I stay until I’m finished reading. And because I have a whole week’s worth of news to catch up on, I am forced to ease into the weekend.

My Saturday morning ritual changes the pace for the weekend. And aren’t weekends supposed to be about slowing down and catching a breath after a busy week?


2 Comments on “Saturday Morning Treats”

  1. Anthony says:

    Sounds like a lovely way to kick off the weekend. I might start doing the same thing, although it's be a bit awkward, what with me buried behind a huge newspaper while my students are trying to play and get my attention. 🙂

  2. But it might make for some interesting stories. The harder they have to try for your attention, the funnier they are likely to be.

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