Time to Pay Up…

As counterintuitive as it may seem, the first and the fifteenth are my favorite days of the month because I finally get to sit down and pay the bills. Although today is not the fifteenth, it’s close enough, and I am able to complete the chore that most people find daunting and depressing.

I’m uncertain as to why people feel this way about paying the bills. These are the days of the month when I can finally make sure that everyone who wants money from us has what they require. Everything that comes after today is gravy. At least until we get to the thirtieth. Then I start fretting again, wondering if there is someone I have forgotten.

For today, though, I feel like I know exactly what money is mine and what belongs to someone else. The fun can finally begin!


2 Comments on “Time to Pay Up…”

  1. Anthony says:

    I agree. What a wonderful feeling. And this is about the sixth entry of yours that I've commented on (I read them a bit out of order, but am rectifying that as I write). I hope you don't get tired of seeing my comments, because I plan to comment quite a bit.

  2. Sometimes out of order can be the most fun! And I never get tired of comments!! I'm glad you find my writing commentable (oh yes, I just made that up). : )

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